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a beautiful girl that dosent care what other people think of her, she is not afriad to do something embarassing in front of strangers to people she loves and are verry close to her. she has tones of friends and wont let alot of things get her down. she is verry rarely single but when she is and someone breaks her heart she is sad. but the next day she will realize its okay to be single. she will not lie and is verry random. if you ever find a rise keep her close and dont get scared if shes random and loud, its her way of saying hello. if you ever piss her of she will (as she does often) tell you to go read a book, preferably her book!
guy 1: man she is so loud its scary!

guy 2: yo, thats my girlfriend

guy 1: well shes hawtt! she is so a rise.... fiiinneeeee...!
by cookiesbabe February 23, 2011

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