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people that live in Australia.
people with the best accents ever.
G'day mate. I'm speaking Australian.
#faboo #gday #rollercoaster! #ur mom #cats
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
A ring that is put thru someones lip. Sexy most of the time-- but only on the right people.
People like Francis should never get a lip ring.
#hott #sexy #i want it #yay! #supaflyy
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
Not what you keep a cow in but a pen that looks like a cow. It also moos and shoot lazer vision in your eye from it's nose. Extremely annoying and you can buy them at the mall.
Morgan blinded me with her cow pen.
#cow #pen #moo #black and white #lazer vision
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
The most fucked up book ever. You will probably be forced to read it at school but DONT!! It will ruin your life. Guaranteed. You will have to read it in a southern accent and it still will make no sense. Most likely your teacher will get very attached to the character and start calling him "Huck" and act like they are friends (even though he is a fictional character). She/he may also start crying when they read aloud certain passages, for god knows what reason.
Miss J made me read Huckleberry Finn and it ruined my life.
#retarded #waste of time #huck #adventures of huckleberry finn #mark twain
by cookiequeens December 23, 2009
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