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A lifestyle chosen by people.

Originally was a label of music but has now expanded to a lifestyle. Mostly high schoolers dress "emo". This is currently defined as black straight hair, tight girl pants, band shirts and can include self-mutilation (cutting), writing depressive poetry and dressing somewhat dark.

For the people who think that "emo" people are fags or queers or anything offensive. You are wrong. Its just how they wish to be. If you are a prep you aren't necessarily rich and happy all the time.

Emo should be defined as dressing and acting differently from the current scene of life. Not being 'emotional' or being a 'wannabe goth'.
Good version) She dresses emo, look at that purse, I would've never thought to decorate it like that.

Bad version)OMG! He is soooo Emo. I say we go make fun of him until he cries, or rips out his fake black hair so he can cut himself and write a song about it. *giggles like an idiot*
by cookie-queen October 27, 2007

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