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An endearing and charming young man of european descent who makes your life a heaven to live. He gives you happiness in the most beautiful ways often through his compassionate letters of care and you always love to be in his company. As soon as he enters a room he brings light, bright light into your space and sweetness trails along with him. He spreads an aura of love and you fall in love with him immediately. He gives plenty and sometimes you feel so terrible when you can't be there with him all the time and lovingly give him gift him with jam for this swiss roll. The luckiest person in a swissroll's life is the person who he chooses as his cookiepie because he doesn't cease to amaze her with his amazingness and jam. Cookiepies should feel extremely blessed. Swissroll is the most amazing and falling deeply in love is definitely a symptoms of his sweet and awesome presence in your life.
cookiepies are the luckiest creatures on the planet to have a Swissroll in their life.

cookiepie number juan juan nyne: "i love you, SwissRoll"
by cookie<3.* June 18, 2010

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