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A man who can cook and clean.
Is very rare.
If a man can cook and clean without complaining that it's a "girls job", then he is the perfect man.
by cookandclean December 18, 2009
An Australian icon. A yeast spread. Very delicious, espcially, in a sandwich, on toast, salada or cruskits. BEWARE OF RIP-OFF'S! If you grow up with Vegemite, then you can have it REALLY thick with no butter and it will have no effect. For first-timers, use BARELY ANY vegemite and alot of butter. Then, eventually use less butter and more vegemite. It's an aqquired taste. You'll get used to it.
I love my vegemite on toast with no butter yum yum :)
by cookandclean December 19, 2009
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