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a person who moves their arm up and down, womping while listening to dubstep. in addition to womping, they usualy trip on acid and/or other drugs. There are often pictures of neon lights, kaleidoscopes, glow sticks, and/or picures of themselves smoking. they usually tag themselves in pictures of them at a rave, even if only their finger is in the picture. they usually are very annoying and obnoxious people who sometime wear fuzzy boots and kandi bracelets.
Anna: hey Mariya you wanna go to skrillex this weekend?
Mariya: yea i'll buy the drugs! how many mg's you want?

Anna: enough to get me really fucked up, so we can take really cool pictures!
Mariya: Anna you're such a womper!
by conqueeftador24 December 12, 2011

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