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1 definition by conorselfinflictedildo




conor: someone who buys a dildo and is a PATHALOGICAL LIAR..he claims he uses it as a PRANK ON HIMSELF.. :/

*conor does use this dildo on himself*

he also buys butt plugs and dresses up as a woman,and BEING A CONOR,FORGETS TO SHAVE HIS BEARD.. :|

see also: dumb dumber than dump
shelly: no conor stupid is not the new smart.

elies: yeah lay off the smarties dumb ass there not makin u smart..

*conor runs down stairs to show his aunts and EXTENDED FAMILY ON F*CKING CHRISTMAS DAY!!!His new DILDO!!
by conorselfinflictedildo January 10, 2010