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a funny website. though it uses the F-word more than needed, a lot of the cartoons in Illwillpress have a very good point to them.
"Don’t give me the “it’s a legitimate form of medicine.” Yeah, Great, Just what our healthcare system needs. A bunch of broke, potheads running into every hospital they see trying to get free medicinal marijuana, paid for by taxpayers so they can get high Because they came up with some dumbass fake disease. “My eye hurts. Give me some pot, doc.” Yeah OK. You know what you do? You light up a joint and put it out in their eye. That’s my prescribed use for medicinal marijuana."

~foamy in the cartoon "Drugs in your Head"

see? Illwillpress makes good points in a funny way, lol, "you light up a joint and put it out in their eye"
by conkerfreak333 January 27, 2006

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