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Basically, it's how creatures, and plants were made a billion years ago, and how they changed (evolved). According to most Christan's, this is 'just a theory', as they like to believe that God did it. All of it. And that science is wrong. That's like saying "Oh, gravity's just your wacky, blasphemous theory." Jesus Christ, people! This isn't the 1600's any more. We have highly educated, trained, and intelligent people spending billions of dollars to tell you how bugs have changed in the last million years. It's called fucking science, and science (sigh-ents) is what us normal, non-God fearing people accept as real. Even the fucking Taliban accept science to some level. Chemistry, and physics goes into that bomb making.
Sir Issac Newton: "Hey guys! An apple hit me on the head, and I figured out some ideas on what makes stuff fall to the ground!"
God-fearing simpleton: "Really? And the answer's not God?"
Sir Issac Newton: "Nope, it's something I've called 'physics!"
God-fearing simpleton: "Let me see that." (Burns Issac's theory)
Sir Issac Newton: "Hey, what the hell, man?"
God-fearing simpleton: "Nope. God did it. And bring me your theory on evolution. I'll be sure to give that a read."
by Comrade 47 March 01, 2008
A smoker's destination. From an old Marlboro ad. Sometimes used sarcastically.
Boss Lady: Ladies, are you smoking in the building?
Patty, Selma: Um, well, er, uh...
Homer: These are mine. (Takes drag from both cigarettes, coughs violently). I am in Flavor Country.
Boss Lady: Both are yours?
Homer: It is a big country.
-The Simpsons
by Comrade 47 September 18, 2008
The most true saying ever. You put your friends, homeis, what have you (bros) before your girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc (hoes). Always. Putting hoes before bros is wrong. It breaks all forms of comradery, homie-ship, and friendship. Never put your hoes before bros. NOTE: Putting hoe-bros before hoes is exceptible. Hoe-bros are friends who you are not romantically involved with, and also not trying to bang. But still put your bros before hoe-bros.
Alex: Let's go smoke some weed!
John: Sorry man, I can't. Monique doesn't want me to do weed.
Alex: Dude, you're getting whipped! Bros before hoes!
John: Well played. Go get your lighter.
by Comrade 47 April 30, 2008
Spanish for 'I don't like this". Often heard from Spanish-speaking people during either approaching giant walls of water, fireballs, barrage of bullets, or INS agents. Also heard in 'Team America: World Police', and from white kids trying to sound cool.
John: Holy shit, the damn burst!
Emile: No me gusta!


Alex: Hey, did you find it funny when me and Jack replaced all your shampoo with bug feces, and then you put it in your hair?
Frank: No me gusta. (*clocks Alex in the face*)
by Comrade 47 April 30, 2008
A genetically modified clone, created by a crazy ex-French Legionare named Dr. Ort-Meyer. Agent 47, often refered to as Mr. 47, or just 47, later killed his five 'fathers', who provided DNA to Ort-Meyer. 47 was trained from a young age in the skills of assassination, stealth, and firearms. He uses these skills to perform assassanations for the ICA, an assassination firm. 47 is quite strong, and can take several shots to the torso before incapacation. He has been betrayed and munipilated many times, and as a result, his trust and faith in others has been almost destroyed. 47 remains calm, even in a shoot out. At one point in time, the ICA is almost completly wiped out, but Diana 'betrays' 47, and presumably kills him, and arranges for a rival assassination agency to have his corpse destroyed. But it's revealed that Diana did not kill 47, and 47 'rises from the dead' and kills the rival assassin agency's leader. 47 appears to be asexual. Agent 47 has been in four video games (soon to be five), and one movie.
Agent 47 performed yet another perfect hit.


Agent 47 does not like girls. I think he's afraid of cooties.
by Comrade 47 March 01, 2008
Orangeville District Secondary School (O.D.S.S) is a Orangeville high school (no shit). Although white kids are the majority, there still are enough non-white people to kick the ass of anybody stupid enough to be racist. 'Famous' for an alledged 'fight club', but anybody who goes to this school/lives in Orangeville will know it was blown out of proportion. Points of interst at O.D.S.S are; The Side (a.k.a The Skid Pit, but the side kids will kick your ass for saying that), The Front, The Cafe (eating is cool!), and The 'Cool Kids Hall', (mostly full of fags, bitches, and preps). ODSS is located very very very close by Tony Rose Arena, where we buy our snacks.
Jimmy: O.D.S.S. is full of niggers!
John: What are you talking about? There's like ten black kids.
Jimmy: Ten niggers is ten niggers too many.
John: You can explain that to Jamar. I think you heard you.


O.D.S.S is known for its 'Fight Club', which is a load of shit that never happened.
by Comrade 47 March 15, 2008
A drug dealer who you find hot. People dealering with hot drug dealers are often torn between buying drugs from them or trying to have sex with them.
Kassie's a hot drug dealer. Should I buy weed from her, or should I try to do her? This is a toughy....
by Comrade 47 March 10, 2008

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