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A misspronounced version of the spanish and some african languages word for black, "Negro"

Apparently, it was this exact word that racially opressed black people, and this word alone.

further more, the racial tag that goes along with saying this word if you are not black compleatly contradicts its self in every way that black people say it is offensive because it
1)is only allowed to be said by black people (hmm i remember when other things were only allowed to be used by black people, i believe they were racist though O.o)
2)Is actually used FREQUENTLY by black people! having grown up around many black people, most of which society would call "ghetto" ive come across the explanation that it is a "term of endirment"
this by the way is complete bull shit as 90% of black people dont take any offence or most likely dont know the meaning of most other racial slurs against blacks.
ie spade, mooley, ect.
black guy: sup my nigga! how you doin?
Black guy2: nothin much nigga, just chillin at the crib.
white guy friend: sup my niggers (big oops)

*white guy gets stabbed*
by compleatly non-racist whitey September 22, 2008

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