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to take toast which was intended for (and made by) someone else
*toaster pops*
*sam: (takes toast and begins consumption of bready goodness)

*liam: don't toastjack me you rEtard!!
by compI April 08, 2010
the theory established by the honoured Dr. Liam Peel that if one goes back far enough, Trevor Swingle and Daniele Vanni are one. This theory brought up quite a lot of heat in the field of Pshychology and in the philosophical questions concerning individual identity on the whole.
Both Daniele and Trevor (hereafter to be referred to as Treviele) were afflicted with hideous mullets around the same point in adolescence, and both have an only rudimentary grasp on the languages of English and Italian.
by compI January 17, 2015
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