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A grossly oversized civilian vehicle, owned by an individual as a status symbol. Named after the Ford F-Series, but actually refers to much larger vehicles.

This can be something like an Escalade or a Hummer, but is usually represented by an enormous pickup with nothing in the bed. Not even an obnoxious chrome storage box that reflects sunlight directly into the eyes of other drivers.

As the owner/driver generally has no actual need for a vehicle as large as this, he/she must have been high to think that they did. This theory is often exemplified by driver's inability to keep one within the confines of a lane.
Sorry, guys I would have been here sooner but I had to get gas, and I got stuck waiting on this douchebag to fill up his F-420.
by comorbid October 21, 2008
The condition in which a large number of people with no real direction or purpose suddenly find themselves in conflict with each other, and simultaneously decide - subconsciously - to meet in the middle, which somehow manages to only make things exponentially worse.

Easily prevented by situational awareness, which is generally checked at the door when entering consumer supercenters, convention halls, and other buildings/spaces which see generous amounts of human traffic.

The sort of thing that might happen at a 6-way intersection if the traffic light were broken.
"Everything was cool, until someone started running. Then other people started to panic and they started running, and no one really knew which way they were even supposed to be running; eventually it just turned into one big Wal-Mart Clusterfuck.

I don't think anyone even knows what that first guy was running from."
by comorbid June 12, 2010
Portmanteau of apocalypse and ellipsis.

Specifically, where apocalypse is defined as "any universal or widespread destruction or disaster," and ellipsis is defined as "the omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding, or an example of such omission."

When these two words activate their Wonder Twin Powers, they take the shape/form of:

The empty feeling experienced when the date of any sort of cataclysmic prophecy finally arrives, and NOTHING HAPPENS.

Much like being on the receiving end of a pregnant pause.
Nobody "survived" Y2K, that B.S. was a total apocalypsis.
by comorbid June 28, 2009
combination of fascism and machismo.
A sign on a backyard treehouse which says something like "NO GURLZ ALOWD" (possibly with some of the letters written backwards), is a common display of fascismo.

At least in old sitcoms and cartoons, it is.
by comorbid May 26, 2007

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