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When a 7 foot center isn't rebounding or dunking the ball.
OMJC, did you see game 1 of the conference semi-finals? Dirk Nowitzki was standing there like a 7 foot joke.

Jesper: Eric Dampier didn't even dunk that ball, what a 7-foot joke!
Eric: Jackie's mom is so fat I had to roll over twice to get off her.
#dirk nowitzki #eric dampier #dunk #yo momma #nba
by comet tavern May 03, 2009
To bite your pimp steak in a way that makes it squirt out of the end of the bun and fall on the ground, usually done when drunk.
Eric totally jespered his pimp steak last night, but he ate it anyway.

The cream cheese on the pimp steak left a skeet stain on his black shirt.
#pimp steak #pimp steaks #hot dog #jesper #skeet
by comet tavern May 03, 2009
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