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A Senior highschool located in the town of Lake Oswego. It's across the lake from Lakeridge High School. They are known as the "alcohol" school while Lakeridge is the "weed" school. It's filled with a bunch of poser white faggots that get drunk and hit on chicks 4 years younger than them by getting them drunk. They are loser, try-hard shitheads who spoil the name of Lake Oswego. They come from money, so they usually drive around fancy cars they don't deserve, and then go get hammered with other white kids like themselves. The population of black people there is 0.004%
Hey welcome to Florida, where you from?

Oh, Lake Oswego High School. I transfered because they're all poser white kids who get drunk all the time blasting fake ass hip hop in they're pimped out honda civic

That sounds fucking homo

Yea it was bro, it was
by comeonidontcarewhatthenameis January 04, 2011

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