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Totally underated Guitarest of the Sex pistols.
Steve jones was fucking awesome, give him some credit to!
by comegetmebitch September 21, 2006
someone who claims to be punk but dosent no who the sex pistols were.
interveiwer: what bands do you like?
Avril Lavigne: good charlott, simple plan.
interveiwer: what about bands like the sex pistols?
Avril Lavigne: never heard of them
interveiwer: you have never heard of the sex pistols? and you call your self a punk rocker?
Avril Lavigne: i dont think music is important
interveiwer: but you are an artist.
Avril Lavigne: hmphh *gets up and walks out*
interveiwer: word
the above REALLY happend
by comegetmebitch September 19, 2006
hippie <-emo <-straightedge <-goth <- skin head
emo <- Goth <-straightedge <-punk <-metalhead <-skinhead
goth <-punk <-metal head <-skin head
look at at that emo beating up that poor hippy, but oh her come some straight edge folk to save the day,tut here come the goths ready to hurt the straight edge folk, oh but here comes a punk rocker to beat up the goths, hey the punk is bleeding now thanks to those metal heads, oh and just when we thought it was al over, here comes the skinheads, attracted to the smell of blood, ready to kick the shit out of the metal heads *must be a trend chain*
by comegetmebitch September 21, 2006
like somking the road its self
Me: finds someone bresthing in road fumes
them: dood i just lost my white ox, i need something with as much tar
by comegetmebitch September 21, 2006

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