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marijuana that is from california
yo man this cali bud is so sticky icky, itll blow yo mind
by columbus kid September 02, 2007
has multiple definitons

1. meaning to bring your A game to wherever you go

2. when going to a party to bring alcohol
Damn man you got your ass layed out, you know this shit man, dont bring koolaid to a grown mans party.
by columbus kid March 10, 2008
when poor people wait until everybody leaves the bar and drink the remains of their alcohol.
that dick is waiting until everybody leaves so he can pull a gulp and go. he needs to get a job.
by columbus kid September 02, 2007
the act of showing off your car in the ghetto or the suburbs.
I was cali Swangin down crenshaw
by Columbus kid May 06, 2007
well when a girl goes down on a man, you fill her mouth full of a creamy solution
dude, of corse my girl friend is getting her neutrience, she eats my hoegurt every day
by columbus kid March 25, 2008
when you use a shotgun as a bong by first unloading the shells putting the bowl in the shotgun hole where you load the bullets, then blowing into the bowl letting the smoke travel through the barrel into somebodies mouth.
dude, our bong broke, and we hate using the bowl, so we made a shotgun bong
by columbus kid December 26, 2007
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