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Am•bro•dex•ter•i•ty /æm'bro'dɛk'stɛriti/
-verb (used with object(s))

1. The act of immediately purchasing two drinks when you enter a bar; a beer for one hand and a mixed drink, such as a gin & tonic for the other.
The reasons for this technique are fivefold:

a) All night long, you look like a classy guy bringing a lady a drink. It is scientifically proven this will make other women more into you.

b) You Become twice as drunk, in half the time.

c) Rather than worry about what to do with your hands or stuff them into your pockets while you aren't dancing they're busy holding two drinks.

d) Potential observant wingmen and bros can be snapped up once you explain the concept of Ambrodexterity to them when they inquire as to why you're holding two drinks.

e) Whilst dancing, you have an excuse to use nothing but hips.
by columalmighty September 25, 2010

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