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Was Constantinople,
Now it's Istanbul not,
Every gal in Constantinople
Lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
So if you've a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting in Istanbul
guy 1: wasn't Istanbul Constantinople?
Guy 2: yes, but now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Guy 3:Been a long time gone, Constantinople...
Guy 1: Why did Constantinople get the works?
Guy 2: That's nobody's business but the Turks!
#istanbul #istanbullshit #byzantine #asia minor #they might be giants
by Colte the Pirate January 10, 2007
My personal Goal. I can't tell you how many time's I've been swimming in the ocean when i got tangled up in a bunch of gross Whale Body hair. So I'm proposing a international Shave the Whales Foundation to Rid the ocean of unnecessary Whale Shedding
Stupid Hairy Whales If it wasn't bad enough that we had to put up with them drinking all our water eating all our sailors now there is whale hair everywhere. we should just shave the whales
#whales #stupid #hate #fat useless mammals #hairy #shaved
by Colte the Pirate January 02, 2007
A religious Figure emerging in the late 1980's came to public view in the early 2000's many notable feats making him well known through out his native pacific northwest and quickly gaining a small following. law enforcement have yet to make any sort of move because Todd Gibbs has not committed any illegal activities.

many of his followers ascribe to him to have god like status, praising him in a facetious manner and exaggerating his greatness.

while no one is sure of exactly what Todd Gibbs looks like it is rumored that he is a giant, or has giangantisism claims on his emmence strength and inhuman penis have been made but may be rumors started by his followers.
This Song can often be heard in Todd Gibb's Presence

Praise Todd, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye Heavenly Host;
Praise Because He rocks the Most. Amen.

Todd Gibbs takes the bus to work, he walks but he picks up the bus and takes it with him.

Todd Gibbs had sex with three women at once. when he was 9

when Todd Gibbs goes Camping He purposely brings women on their period with him so he can eat fresh bear meat
#cult #giant #religions #doxology #chanting #bellingham #nooksack
by Colte the Pirate January 06, 2007
1. a machine created by lonley computer engineering majors to get laid.
2. Me when I put on my little gold shorts.
1. Mike was so hopelessly inept with women that he made a robotsexmachine for friday nights.

2.when I put on my little gold shorts and wax my mustache all the ladies want me cause i'm a white hot robotsexmachine. Now pump that Bass!!!!
#sexmachine #robosex #hotness #roboerotic #asscandy
by Colte the Pirate November 02, 2006
A Group of superior Men, the Embodiment of all that is Manly
quasi-religious figures in some sects, the Trifecta of Manliness Brings Masculinity back to an unfortunately effeminate world.
Captain, Smokes and Queerballs Make up the Trifecta of Manliness.
#manly #pirates #captain #smokes #queerballs #superior
by Colte the Pirate December 21, 2006
A threesome where there are two dudes and one chick. obviosly one of the most unholy sexual encounters.
Ryan: so I had a threesome this weekend
Brandon: No WAY! that's awesome!
Ryan: not really it was me and Alex in belezebub's triangle
Brandon: Unclean! unclean!
#belezebub #sexytime #gay #bi #intercourse
by Colte the pirate November 06, 2006
When a guy is so whipped by his girlfriend that she controls all the stuff on his online profiles
i.e. Myspace, Facebook, Friendster
guy 1: "what happened to the music on your profile"
guy 2: " uh, carol hates that song, so I...."
guy 1: "dude, You are so E-whipped"
#whipped #gf #girlfriend #internets #myspace #facebook
by Colte the Pirate January 10, 2007
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