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an incredibly frustrating gap in the fourth installment of the Tony Hawks Pro skateboarding series (T.H.U.G).

You need speed, you need patience, you need a spare fucking evening...
Even though it's 2.30 am. I can't possibly go to bed until I've spine-transferred the Moscow wall. I'm going to smash my TV screen if i don't do it this this time. aaaarrrrrggghhhh!

Living in London on a shit salary is a real Moscow wall

etc etc ...
by colskee February 17, 2004
Same Move Every Time

A victory in a video game due to a boring opponent using the same winning combo every fucking time.

K-Man: ha ha, look another perfect defeat by Sophita.

me: looked more like Smet to me.

K-man: you're probably right col.
by colskee February 06, 2004

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