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Usualy stands for a person who lives of her friends expenses. Although, she's a heavy drinker and smoker, she never has money for alcohol or her own cigarettes.
She can also be very moody and could get upset with you in a moment. she is quite unreliable, and she can transform to the person, who she hangs out the most.
But on the other hand, she knows how to be a good friend. And she is always there for you.
She also has some stupid and idiotic responses, that amuse people around her. (example: say whaaaa?)
friend: Hey, Maja!
Maja: Do you have a cigarette?

person 1: what kind of music do you listen now?
person 2: the same as Kira does.
person 1: why?
person 2: because she's my new best friend!
person 1: oh come on, you're such a Maja!
person 2: saay whaaaaa?
#maja #cigarettes #idiotic #selfish #stupid responses #female species
by colorado goat October 09, 2011
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