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A very sarcastic way of saying: obviosly.
(Sherlock Holmes was a detective in a classic series of books.)
Holy crap! You have a trampoline?

No shit sherlock!
by colonel klink March 29, 2005
Party real hard.
origin: Apu from "the Simpsons"
I'm gong to party like it's on sale for $19.99. (say it in your best Indian acent)
by colonel klink March 29, 2005
When someone looks like they are lost and have a really dumbass look on there face or they're just staring or holding an expression for a long time.
That guy is in nintendo land.
by colonel klink March 29, 2005
The ultra pimp characters from nintendo's Mario based video games.
ie, Mario
by colonel klink March 29, 2005
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