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An ice hockey term. When a player takes another player into the boards and rubs his sweaty smelly hockey glove all over the other player's face.
"Hey, didya see the FACE WASH Ty Domi gave Jeremy Roenick? Nasty."
by Colonel Hogan July 19, 2005
when a poop crowns out of the anus far enough to touch the underwear, thus soiling it.
"I thought I had my bowels under control, but I touched cotton on the sixth green and had to leave the round to go change."
by colonel Hogan May 13, 2003
Lead guitarist and principal songwriter fot the legendary group The Band. Wrote definitive classics like "the Weight" "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and others. Also acted, made films and wrote books. A true musical genius and renaissance man. The best of the best.
Nobody plays guitar or writes songs like Robbie Robertson did.
by colonel hogan July 11, 2006
When one takes a dump on a passed out woman's chest after coitus. Much like the infamous Cleveland Steamer, except with the Bakersfield Chalupa, there is a lot of corn in the mix.
Man, I ate six ears of silver queen last night and ended up laying down a nice Bakersfield Chalupa on Candy's chest after a very zesty session.
by colonel hogan August 18, 2006
to have the crown of a shit poke out of the anus.
"I thought it was just a fart, but I ended up pokin daylight.
by colonel Hogan May 13, 2003
a one eyed organ that lives in the pants of a male.
John Holmes had a very large trouser trout.
by colonel Hogan May 28, 2003
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