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1. When using an outhouse and dropping a solid deuce, the blue outhouse water that shoots back up and splashes in the exposed butthole is known as the Blue Kiss of Death.
"I thought I was done taking a shit, but as I pinched off that last loaf, the blue kiss of death got me. Now my asshole is going to be wet all day long."
by colon catastrophe July 24, 2009
When taking a shit that it seems it will be a massive solid, but comes out in little bursts that end up dotting the whole toilet with crap. Notice the resemblance to freckles on a face.
"Hey thanks for letting me use your shitter Dave."
"Your welcome man, anytime."
"Bad news though, I left you a freckled toilet."
"Not the Freckler!! Thats not cool man."
by colon catastrophe July 27, 2009

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