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beautiful colombian girl with sexy curves but doesn't see it and thinks the opposite, great personality and really funny, shes mad cool to chill with sweetest girl alive but get on her bad side and she will be a bitch to you. falls in love with the wrong guys knowing she can do much better. she's very smart and has had a lot of good things happen in life but also a lot of bad things, shes still with her head up high. when shes with someone, shes with that person only and is faithful and trust worthy and not a flirt
GUY 1: yeo did you see sofia today?
GUY 2: yea she looks AMAZING!
GUY 1: i would tap that all day and night, shes so beautiful!
GUY 2: i know right, i wish she could take a look at me!!
by colombianitax3 February 12, 2011

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