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11 definitions by collin miller

A simple phrase used to indicate that your pants are in a state of rapid rapid oxidization. YOu should use this phrase when your pants are combusting as you never know when you might have to tell a blind person. A blind person wouldn't under stand what

I souldn't have used that match after spilling gasoline. Now my pants are on fire...... and it BURNS!!!!!!!
by Collin Miller July 20, 2003
a small piece of bread

might have broken off of a larger piece
sarah lives off of bread crumbs i drop on the ground
by collin miller October 08, 2003
Not to the extreme that is being owned.
person a: dude. this sucks.
person b: so do you. RENTED!
by collin miller September 12, 2003
fuck woman. learn how to make pronunciations
om-k-nee-p--what the fuck is that bitch talking about
by collin miller October 19, 2003
which is it.

Hi'wawee or Hilwawee
stupid ass bitch
by collin miller October 08, 2003
A boy wife. Its a gay thing.
not that there's anything wrong with that.
i've gotta call the bife. he'll be wondering where I am.
by Collin Miller October 06, 2003
A very lazy pronunciation of sawer.

Slang for one who saws.
Sarah wanted to be a sawa, but then someone told the bitch that sawa-in' had little to do seeing stuff.

lord shes stupid
by collin miller October 19, 2003