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4 definitions by collin foster

when someone takes a picture of a beautiful male or female were there pretty much naked but there covered by a small artical of clothing or another non-sexual body part. not consistent with.
-1another persons mouth.
"man she was wearing nothing but her belt covered her couchie."
"dude what A so close."
by collin foster September 15, 2007
a word you use when you're looking for a snack.
hey dude what are you looking for.
some nibbla man
by collin foster September 16, 2007
when your at a party and you wake up the next morning somewhere on another part of the state
dude what happened last night? u were awesome man u had a kkfuntime you were so drunk
by collin foster September 15, 2007
a friend most likely a lover that lives far away and on your birthday she comes to house and bangs you!
dude i had an awsome time my birthday buddy came over.
by collin foster September 15, 2007