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A very lazy pronunciation of sawer.

Slang for one who saws.
Sarah wanted to be a sawa, but then someone told the bitch that sawa-in' had little to do seeing stuff.

lord shes stupid
by collin miller October 19, 2003
sort of like a pan.

but not
dude a: dude! you better not be cooking this in a wan!

dude b: why not! a wan is like a pan

dude a:... but not.

there is a frank exchange of opionion(a gunfight) and dude a dies
by collin miller October 08, 2003
a dog whos name is pronounced "cock-er-span-nyal"

not "COCK - ER SPAN - E - AL"

COCK - ER SPAN - E - AL = cocker spaneel

dammit sarah. grow a brain. moron
by collin miller October 08, 2003
Euphamism for masturbation.
dude A: Where's Sam?
dude B: Studying the bible. He'll be done soon.
by Collin Miller April 25, 2005

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