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a measure of alcohol purported by countless high school boys to be an easy night's drinking
High school boy: Man, I got so wasted last night ... I drank over a fifth of Jack!

Realistic guy: Yeah right, you big-mouthed high school fuck. Enough with the big dick stories.
by collegesucks2001 December 08, 2003
deciding whether to pursue a hot piece of ass that might cost you some effort, or taking the first mangy-ass smelly bitch that stumbles across your path
This woman is really quite attractive and respectable, but since I'm such an unabashed man-whore I'll take the mole-ridden skank with a screamin' case of cock rot.
by collegesucks2001 December 08, 2003
applicable to any given sorority girl; that is, you use it and forget about it
I just got done with Marie, so now I think I'll find another toilet
by collegesucks2001 December 08, 2003
mothers against dyslexia
Johnny, over come here I so can question you a ask.
by collegesucks2001 December 10, 2003

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