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An ill kid of Afro-Asian descent, bearing distinct features of his mixed genetic heritage. Due to his relative minority status, it is permissible to refer to your chinese (or indeed any of your) homies as 'cheegro'...... if they'll let you. In the new millenium more than ever, cheegrosity is a state of mind. Word.
One of the 'Warriors' of the 1979 picture is perhaps the best text book example.. Otherwise anyone'll do.
he who jangles his genitalia (solely by means of hands- free gyration)vigorously between the thighs in a clumsy, and pendulum-like fashion. Most often used figuratively suggesting an agenda-driven, innate yet foolish malice. In many cases the jangler lurks amongst social circles undetected due to his calculating nature. It is often necessary to point out a jangler to his less discerning peers (see example)
"No, I'm sorry. I don't care what all you lot say; that guy's a JANGLER!"
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