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A person who intends on adopting a vegetarian diet, but may slip up or give in periodically

A person whose diet consists of a significantly lower amount of meat than an average person, but is not necessarily a strict vegetarian diet

A person who may follow a vegetarian diet for a short amount of time for person gain, such as to impress someone or to reinforce an elaborate ruse
Even Kathleen, a vegetarian of 5 years eats turkey on Thanksgiving. She's really more of a pseudotarian.

John tries to refrain from eating meat whenever he can, but avoiding all meat products at all costs is a lot of work. Sometimes he'll just eat meat, he's more like a pseudotarian.

Ken went pseudotarian for a full 3 months because of Jessica. Now that they're broken up, he doesn't anything *but* meat.
by coldsushi October 24, 2011

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