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Someone who supports correct grammar for better communication and less misunderstandings. Usually more laid back than a Grammar Nazi. Includes using correct grammar for ebonics and colloquialisms. Many times a grammar panther may correct by example instead of putting someone on blast.
(internet big-shot): you aint noe who your messin wit. im all ova this errbody noe me. there my people.

(rapping grammar panther): You don't know who you're messin' wit'. Cause obviously, you cain't match my wit. So step back and take a seat. This is a spelling match and you're already beat.

(big-shot): A man you ain't gotta go their. You know my school was busted.

(panther): You're right, I ain't had to go there, my bad.
by coldheart7 March 09, 2013
crack the hell up, cracked the hell up. to laugh or to have laughed in a gratuitous manner.
When i saw whats-her-clit with all that make-up on i cthu!
by coldheart7 June 26, 2010
getting a boner.
She was too hot for him; when he saw her cleavage he was already catching wood.
by coldheart7 October 09, 2009
A name for a guy who's name you can't remember. Similar to whats-his-nuts.
hoodrat1: Aye, remember when Keisha and whats-a-dick was fuckin' behind the bleachers?
hoodrat2: Oh yeah girl, and she still tried to act like she wasn't a stank ho.
by coldheart7 June 26, 2010
to add religious amounts of cinnamon the holy spice and make something better. coined by anyone who has accepted cinnamon as the lord and savior of sweet and savory foods.
(guy) I'm hungry but all we have is bread. I guess I'll make some toast.
(roommate 2) Sounds good but you better cinnamize that shit, man.
(guy) Hell yes.

(sugar high girl) OMG, I cinnamize everything!
(friend) And we love you for it, but please shut up now.
by coldheart7 July 20, 2014

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