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A name usually gaven to African American Males.A Stud.
Felisha:Whos dat stud you with tonight?

Janet:That stud is Tyrone

Felisha::Damn he fine as hell
by cold_hearted_snake December 07, 2011
Name for a crazy white boy from the south.
Yo man better get yo ass out of the way,here comes ole Willie driving crazy again!
by cold_hearted_snake December 07, 2011
A woman who craves attention good or bad.Two Faced,attention whore
Yo dude I seen your ex girlfriend hanging with the new priest.

Yeah shes such a stacy
by cold_hearted_snake December 18, 2011
A person who is a gold digger. A liar and not faithful in a relationship or marriages.
Dude whats wrong?

That girl done went and pulled a Tonya on me with another man!
by cold_hearted_snake December 07, 2011
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