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the name some retard gave for a runcible spoon. an eating implement that resembles a spoon with aprox. 1/2 cm tines on the end.
"dude hand me that spork"

"its called a runcible spoon. seriously man get some culture"
#retard #cutlery #misnomer #fork #spoon
by col. sherman October 05, 2009
(n) chince, someone who relys on dirty tricks and/or cheap shots in order to win. however a chince will never actualy break the rules just exploit them. a chince tends to think
that because theay win so much theay are realy good at the game in question. (sometimes theay are but you cant tell if its skill or just all the cheap shots alowing them to win) a chince will rarely get any enjoyment out of competition unless theay win.

(adj) chince move, describeing an action in a competition that isint against the rules but is generaly considered unsportsmanlike also, describes actions that exploit someone elts' ignorance of rules or desire for fair gameplay.

(v) to carry out a chince move, all the lack of sportsmanship involved in cheating
without the balls
(n) ex: dude why do you always go straight for the sniper rifel! you chince.

(adj) ex:*someone spikes the birdie while playing a casual game of badmitton* wtf! that was a total chince move, we arent even keeping score!

(v) ex: no i wont play magic with you. you keep useing proxyed cards to chince me out, 2 turn games arent fun.

a personal note to all those chinces out there:
#cheat #jerk #punk #cheap shot #wussie
by col. sherman October 23, 2009
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