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prop. n. A neighborhood in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inhabited by gods of life, the most beautiful women, and geniuses. Despite this, there is nothing to do. Its high school also fails to reflect the near-divinity of the population.

Also known as "Thomas Jefferson" or "T.J."
L'Maison Eternelle and the Kingdom are two famous houses in the Jefferson Hills.
by Col. Hans Landa August 17, 2011
adj. incredibly sweet, awesome, cool, or cetch to the point where comparability to sexual intercourse is possible.

A Hoss is usually this.
That party was sweet as fuck.
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
n. collective reference to the negative qualities usually attributed to frat boys or Greek culture in general. These include, but are not limited to: alcoholism, assholism, sexual promiscuity, poor academics, low intelligence, low sociability with those who do not participate in Greek life, disrespect for authority, and lack of interest in issues that actually affect human existence.
Most fraternities claim to be against fratboyism, whether or not they actually succeed is another issue entirely.
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
prop. n.; a lake in Hungary. Usually referred to as "the crown jewel of Europe". Tourists from around the world flock to the shores of the Balaton in order to enjoy fine wine, fine eats, and fine women. The single most relaxing location in the visible universe.
Guido took his family to the French Riviera, only to regret it terribly and wish he had gone to the Balaton instead.
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
abbr.; Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. The organization through which high schools in Western Pennsylvania compete for dominance, with schools being divided into A ("single A"), AA ("double A"), AAA ("triple A"), or AAAA ("quad A") categories based on size.

The WPIAL champion usually contends with the EPIAL champion in the state championship contest.
Gonna see CCHS destroy the WPIAL at Heinz Field #rollvikes #roadtohershey
by Col. Hans Landa September 30, 2011
noun; in pool, a pocket where the eight ball has been inadvertently set up early in the game. This essentially means that all other object balls must be deflected from this area to prevent either player from pocketing the eight ball too early and losing the game.
Tony cleverly turned the right corner into a dead pocket, preventing John from scoring on the next shot.
by Col. Hans Landa October 25, 2011
n.; the state of someone who is not sweet; someone who does not possess bro status or G status.
Guy #1: "I'm gonna do homework instead of hitting up the party."
Guy #2: "Dude...no status."
by Col. Hans Landa September 28, 2011

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