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Used to refer to a low grade type of marijuana. Usually old cannabis that has been flattened and squashed for smuggling purposes and is very old(5-15years). Usually lots of seeds and stems, an earth smell, brown coloring and a bad taste while smoking. Also know as Mexican.
I want to pick up some weed from my friend but he says he only has desert cryp. Arrgh. Looks like we are going to be coughing a lot...
by coffeeoso August 22, 2007
Another definition for Marijuana.
Every time we got to that guy he give us the best wuye in town. It stinks and is super sticky. Smells like a mix of a skunk and baby diarrhea. Yum.
by coffeeoso August 22, 2007
Another term used for the smokeable version of cocain. Also known as crack.
Smoking too much of the cruye will leave you with no money and bad teeth. So dont do it.
by coffeeoso August 22, 2007
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