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Complete and utter domination. What one should strive to be. True happiness found through living by the morals of Delk. Delk is not found by searching, a person will simply be enlightened by something in life that shows them the light. They will then become Delk.

Delk is not an adjective nor a noun--It is simply a way of life.
Ex 1

Person 1 - "Duuuuuuuuude, you just got the only perfect score in the ENTIRE SCHOOL!"

Person 2 - "Seriously, that's so Delk."

Person 3 - "Quit complementing me guys, that is not the Delk way."

Ex 2

Commentator - "And he hits his 9th three pointer in a row! This kid is unbelievable! Domination!"

Kid - "That's not domination...That's Delk."

Ex 3

Person 1 - "Man, I wish I was Delk."

Person 2 - "If you wish you were Delk, that means you aren't Delk, in which case you can't be enlightened to BE Delk because you are aware of the existence of Delk...Complicated stuff. You'd understand if you were Delk."
by coffeejanitor October 19, 2007

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