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this is where you chew up some goobers (chocolate-covered peanut candy) and spit them up somebody's anus. then they poop the contents of their butthole into your mouth.
man #1: what should we eat while we watch titanic tonight?

man #2: how 'bout some goobers?

man #1: oh i'm sorry we're fresh out due to the huge nutty cletus i gave your wife last night.

man #2: oh.
by cocktupus January 28, 2008
you need three people to pull this one off. make sure you have a camera nearby as this is a very rare stunt to pull off. first, you get jessica simpson to get naked and bend over. then the second person holds a bucket of dry ice under her ass. then you back up and kick the dry ice up her butthole like a punt-kicker. volia'..sissy spacek.
man #1: it's a good thing i had so much blow on me last night.

man #2: why's that?

man #1: how else would i have convinced jessica simpson to participate in a sissy spacek with my buddy and i?

man #2: gee, i wish i were there to see that.

man #1: indeed.
by cocktupus January 28, 2008
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