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What you shout while weilding a potato gun, japanese banadanna, round tinted spectacles and large y-fronts while charging at an enemy.
"what the FUCK!!??"

by cockmaster April 01, 2004
Fat ass. Pun of "Viscera", former obese wrestler. Can be used as a substitue for "to take a piss"
Look at that pissera (fat ass)
I took a pissera (I peed)
by CockMaster July 09, 2003
The above description fails to include the word 'ginger'.
Watch that dirty ginger Phil O'Shagnasty run away in a drunken way after attempting to breed with a motor vehicle.
by CockMaster April 05, 2003
see also sick
Dumping dead bodies of abused women outside your place of work is sick.
by CockMaster April 05, 2003
POOKISTAN's bastardised version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, found on the PS2 Rainbow Six 3 GameFAQs board.

Also proves that POOKISTAN is retarded
POOKISTAN can't spell Arnold Swartzaneigher
by cockmaster April 01, 2004
When you penis is the size of a chapstick tube yet women cannot keep it off of their lips
The guy over there is the size of a chapstick tube but I still wanta to suck his fucking cock
by Cockmaster January 09, 2004
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