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3 definitions by co'caine

To stare at an individual incessantly. Previously known as maddoggin and meanmuggin, commonly used by haters as an outlet of (often vindictive) attitude.
Dem haterz need 2 stop ice grillin a brotha just cuz I'm da
flyest pimp n da hood
by co'caine April 03, 2007
A nasty, often firestarting, look at an individual that is typically not cared for. The individual is disliked in most cases.
Dat trick wuz maddoggin me cuz I didnt drill her last nite
by co'caine April 03, 2007
A word used to predominantly describe African-Americans in an often, underrogatory manner. An antecedent of the word nigger, nigga, gigaboo, porch monkey, and black.
1 out of 4 negroes will not be able to go to college because of poor funding in their community and no stable job placements.
by co'caine April 03, 2007