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Caliche is the word used for the Spanish spoken only in El Salvador.
Carlos: "Sos bayunco bicho!"
Willy: " No te entiendo! Hablas espanol?!"
Carlos: "Pura paja, hablo Caliche!"
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
Paja is caliche meaning lie. A pajero/a is a liar.Also, paja can mean straw, or masturbate. In countries other than El Salvador, pura paja is the best term to say lie, within still usig the word paja.
Rodrigo- " No estabas aqui anoche"
Alejandro;" Paja, yo estaba en la cocina!"
by cnbtqmES January 18, 2010
A term used to describe a gringawho can speak like a true guanaca
Also, a guaningo is the male adjective.
Christa officially became a guaninga when she said, " No soy pajera, estoy bien!!"
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
Juela is an expression only used in El Salvador meaning "wow"!
Juela, esa chica es re bonita!
Juela, that girl is really beautiful!
Juela, esta pupusa es rica!
Juela, this pupusais tasty!
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
Latino is a broadly misused term, that actually just means " spoken Spanish since birth", not just a person of Hispanic origins. A Mexican man can be Hispanic, but not Latino. Likewise, a person from the United States can be Latino, but not Hispanic.Many Chicanos are not Latinos.
Willy is Colombian, but he's not Latino
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
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