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The feeling of obligation that arises from the thought, or act, of sex. This may include an obligation to share one's possessions in the efforts of acquiring or keeping a sex partner (mostly in a male's case), or to repay one who has shared his possessions (in a female's case).
Sally and I used to hook up regularly, but her sexpectations drove me to bankruptcy.
#bribe #investment #fair trade #sharing #alternative currency
by cmkaufma June 18, 2011
The weed that a male keeps separated from the rest of his stash with the hope that sharing it with a female will help his penis find happiness and purpose.
John spent his entire bag of dickweed on some skinny blonde girl, and then disappeared - he's probably plowing her right now.
#bribe #investment #party bag #sexpectation #dirty money
by cmkaufma June 18, 2011
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