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it is a term used to describe a skanky or trashy woman.
We are about to head up to the bar and try to being back some dirty leg.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
In the south, it is a slang term used for a 24oz beer.
Let's knock down a few fence posts before we head to the bar.
by Club 333 February 23, 2005
Another name for a 24 ounce beer. See Fence Post or 2x4
It has been a long day at work, I need to knock back a deuce quad.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
Comes from deep cajun country Louisiana. To perform:
Open palm of hand.
touch thumb to ring finger
spread pinky away from ring finger.

"Three in the cootie, one in the booty"
1. I got that girl shocka' style last night.

2. If you really want the date to go well, giver her the cajun shocka'.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
An insulting term for a male who has not been circumsized.
That's a bold statement, sporting the pig in a blanket.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
Used when describing an intense need to crap.
Hurry up and stop at a bathroom, I've got a turtle head.
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
A turd that is so large that part of it is exposed out of the water
After eating the porterhouse, I had a shipwreck turd
by Club 333 February 24, 2005
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