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5 definitions by clownlager

A type of surfer who uses a body board,one that doesn't have the skill to stand up and surf.
Oi,fuck off gutslider this is my wave.
by clownlager July 14, 2008
The term used when a surfer takes off on a wave and the lip of the wave hurls them from the top of the wave to the bottom resulting in a frightening wipeout and giving great pleasure to spectators and other surfers.

The bigger the wave the better the wipeout. It is one of the greatest sights in surfing.
Alan- "hey bro how was that wave?"

Tim- " Oh man I went straight over the falls and was pinned down for about a minute, I thought I was gunna drown!"

Alan- " Ha ha. That's so fucken funny!"
by clownlager March 02, 2010
A scottish term that describes the end result of a woman who does not wipe her bum properly and the ensuing stain on her underwear is evident.
Alan- "How did you get on with bit you pulled the other night?"

Tim- " It was all good mate till I pulled down her pants and saw her jobbyknickers, it frightened me off and was not a pleasant sight I assure you"
by clownlager March 01, 2010
Also used as a skateboarding term for when going to fast down a hill and the skateboard starts to wobble uncontrollably usually resulting in a high speed crash and injury.. Most skateboarders have had this sickening experience and have pissed themselves laughing at other riders experiencing the same.. There is also major relief when denying the death wobbles and regaining control, usually accompanied by bragging.
Alan-'What happened to you?"

Tim - "Fark me I was skatin' down the big dipper and got the death wobbles..I headed straight for the gutter and was pitched onto the grass..Broken arm and grazes everywhere."

Alan-" ha ha ha fucking ha!"
by clownlager March 01, 2010
This term is used for unfortunate people with terrible teeth..
Often used on Hillbillies with yellow and bad teeth and accompanying cheesey breath.
Alan- "How was your date the other night buddy?"

Tim- " It was OK until she opened her gob, she had a mouth full of cornchips in there and it was a hideous sight."
by clownlager March 01, 2010