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1. Lucky, very fortunate.
2. 19c slang for ass/anus.
You jacksy bastard!
by Clinton June 15, 2004
1.)To bring pleasure to a woman to the point of her screaming out ur name and calling u daddy.

2.)To fuck a woman up her ass.

3.)To give a woman multiple-orgasms.
A letter to Adult Swim:
Screaming Betty needs to shut up.....she gives me a headache, but Id still do her proper
by Clinton March 18, 2004
Do you know what I am saying?
dat bitch was a skanky ho, nomesain?
by Clinton August 05, 2003
Immolation Man who jacks off to everything he sees like kangaroos.
Immolation Man like immolating at the zoo.
by Clinton March 03, 2005
Another word for mammary glands.
You have big and lucious breasticles, they make me mess myself all over the show. God you're so hot, I want you so bad. Oh, yes, yes, yes, stick it in there. Ohhh you're a good boy now lick mummy dry.
by Clinton March 07, 2003
foops, the reverse spelling of spoof, meaning jizm or cum (In Australia). It is used as a replacement of "oops" when referring to spoof.
Foops! I just came on my dad's bed!
by Clinton September 10, 2005
1. A way to define yourself as Korean

2. A standard reply in StarCraft to "wtf" or "who the fuck are you?"

3. I am Korean

4. Korean is that which I am

5. "Hello good Sir, I identify as a person from the country of Korean."
^___________________________________^; me am korean kekekeke
by Clinton April 05, 2005
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