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8 definitions by clinton

2 Meanings

1. Lucky, very fortunate.
2. 19c slang for ass/anus.
You jacksy bastard!
by Clinton June 15, 2004
53 23
1.)To bring pleasure to a woman to the point of her screaming out ur name and calling u daddy.

2.)To fuck a woman up her ass.

3.)To give a woman multiple-orgasms.
A letter to Adult Swim:
Screaming Betty needs to shut up.....she gives me a headache, but Id still do her proper
by Clinton March 18, 2004
26 17
Do you know what I am saying?
dat bitch was a skanky ho, nomesain?
by Clinton August 05, 2003
9 5
foops, the reverse spelling of spoof, meaning jizm or cum (In Australia). It is used as a replacement of "oops" when referring to spoof.
Foops! I just came on my dad's bed!
by Clinton September 10, 2005
1 3
Immolation Man who jacks off to everything he sees like kangaroos.
Immolation Man like immolating at the zoo.
by Clinton March 03, 2005
3 5
Another word for mammary glands.
You have big and lucious breasticles, they make me mess myself all over the show. God you're so hot, I want you so bad. Oh, yes, yes, yes, stick it in there. Ohhh you're a good boy now lick mummy dry.
by Clinton March 07, 2003
1 5
1. A way to define yourself as Korean

2. A standard reply in StarCraft to "wtf" or "who the fuck are you?"

3. I am Korean

4. Korean is that which I am

5. "Hello good Sir, I identify as a person from the country of Korean."
^___________________________________^; me am korean kekekeke
by Clinton April 05, 2005
25 31