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2 definitions by clint bauer

a nhl hockey team that always takes up the first couple picks in the draft by sucking terribly during the season. have great potential in sidney crosby, evgeni malkin, and jordan staal and could possibly one of the best hockey teams in a few years or so.
"Hey who got the first pick this year?"

"Pittsburgh Penguins"

by clint bauer June 30, 2006
190 166
small city in western new york that is located next to lake erie. home of chad michael murray,teddy geiger, rick james, the goo goo dolls, and lucille ball. has two major sports teams: the good buffalo sabres and the terrible buffalo bills. the restaurant named the "anchor bar" is resposible for the chicken wing.
"let's go buffalo, lets go buffalo"
by clint bauer August 25, 2006
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