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take a piece of the cheapest white bread u can find and the nastiest BBQ suace u can find, make like a PBandJ, there u go, nigger sandwich! enjoi!
dude i sooo got the munchies....
dude jsut get a nigger sandwich!
by clifton062 August 27, 2006
when ever 2 or more hobos are eating out of the same can of canned food and one of the hobos takes his fork(or other utensil) and takes the food off of another hobo's utensil, usually a mark of the elusive Alpha-hobo
Rufus-"Man that my ramen noodle bitch!"

annonoymous hobo-"No! i have been hobo snatched!"

Rufus-"B.F.K. FO' LIFE BITCHES!!!"

HoboWatcher-"OMG, the rare and exciting Alpha-Hobo!!! GET THE CAMERA!!"
by clifton062 July 04, 2005

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