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5 definitions by clifford111

it is happiness. another form of money, a silly person. The mexican jew dollar, a fucked mothers vagina. A tiger screwing a dragon, its anal crabs its anything you want it to be... yo.
Bro you see that moms vagina?
Fuk ya bro, its like throwing a hot dog down an empty hallway.

You shtupid shnelfoo.

Dude did you see that tiger?
Ya what was wrong with it?
It was screwing a dragon.. what a shnelfoo...

Give me all your shnelfoo!!
Its only worth five peso's!!
by clifford111 June 21, 2010
7 1
when a nose is stuck into someones butthole. In other terms, just plain wrong and fucked up... don't try this at home kids...
Bro this is one of the best porn films I've ever seen

Holy shit thats nasty!! That guy just gave that other guy a shmomo!! why the fuck would you watch this!?!


...My dick feels like corn!!


Dammit, thats the third hit marker ive gotten with this fucking sniper!! Im'a make infinity ward give me some shmomo action by their communist jewgernaut president who made this shitty ass game!!
by clifford111 July 07, 2010
3 2
when you fill the toilet up with one or two inches of urine
Bro wheres ethan at?
He just took a megapiss...
by clifford111 June 21, 2010
1 1
anything you want it to be relating to call of duty, and is totally awesome... like your mom ;) banana terror
that communist jewgernaut just ripped a banana terror!!
by clifford111 June 21, 2010
3 3
is a douche, that takes turn giving up the blowhole with his girlfriend who is a crater face. Goes to crater face conventions. Thinks he can play hockey but rly lix dix at it. He likes to slow jerk other people while giving it up the butt to crater face. And noah would like to eat him.
Bro that guys such a stephan.
He's slow jerking that guy.
by clifford111 June 21, 2010
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