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A "couple" who can been seen making out at parties together, hanging out at school/each other houses, going to the movies, etc. BUT they insist they aren't dating, mostly because they want to bang other people. Hence why they're officially unofficial.
Dude 1: Whoa, check it out. Matt and Allie are making out again!
Dude 2: Yeah man, they've been officially unofficial for, like, 3 years.
by cliffdogg October 07, 2007
Inspired by the inexplicable Soulja Boy hit, Crank Dat. Occurs after a burn, often yelled out by a third party. Directed at the person who dissed as props for a sweet burn. May be exaggerated or diminished depending on how insulted the person is.
Alex: Hey man...why are you wearing a red hat?
Mark: I dunno, it's cool?

(Brian enters room)

Brian: Fred Durst? Is that you?
Alex: aw YOOOOUUUU!!!
Mark: ...fuck you guys *takes off red hat*
by cliffdogg February 18, 2008
To do the bare minimum through sheer force of will.

i.e. just show up

Origin: in many University seminar classes, one gets five "participation marks" out of a possible 10 for merely attending the class.
Ben: Ugh man I hate my family and it's Thanksgiving!
Brian: So? Go for the five - eat dinner, hug your grandma, and peace out!
Ben: Yes. I will go for the five.
by cliffdogg October 27, 2010
If phoning it in means doing something without giving a shit, texting it in takes not caring about something to new heights.
Nate: Wow. Barsin took a 3-hour lunch and has been playing mini-putt on the Internet since he got back. What's he thinking?
Brian: Yeah dawg, he's been texting it in for the last 3 months.
by cliffdogg August 17, 2010
The arduous process of writing an essay, and its tendency to make the writer want to kill themselves...hence the *sigh*
Friend 1: "Hey, want to try heroin tonight?"
Friend 2: "Can't man, I'm essighing all night"
Friend 1: "That sucks. Oh well, more heroin for me!"
by cliffdogg October 20, 2009
An AIM greeting, in which someone who is completely baked initiates a conversation.
Jason: hi(gh)
Marshall: nice, who did you smoke with?
Jason: your mom and dad
Marshall: weird
by cliffdogg July 20, 2008
an awesome mom
Brian: Dude, didn't Dave's mom catch you guys smoking weed last nite?
Ben: Yeah she did, but instead of being mad she finished the joint with us!
Brian: Wow. What an awesmom!
by cliffdogg March 22, 2010
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