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cleveland aka c-town,216,tha forest,thieveland, tha land,and tha land of the heartless. is known for its high crime rates, its wild weather,drugs,and its high african -american population.clevelands high homocide/crime rates are mainly because of approximatley 90 gangs that are in tha city such as waste-5, 7-all, hough heights, the dirty thirty, the quarter boys, tha harvard boyz, tha milez soilderz, tha valley brick outlawz, madhouse, 216 mafia, madhouse, west 73'd, tha d{denison}-boyz ,and many more.the main conflicts between these gangs are because of gang territory and drugs.places in cleveland
are st.clair, harvard, miles, cedar,coit, kinsman, slavic village, denison, detroit, belair, supperior, wade park, and some others.famous people from cleveland are the bone thugs n harmony, al fatz/fat al, chip tha ripper,halle berry, steve harvey, ted ginn, troy smith, avant, drew carey, ray cash, terrance howard, gerald levert, and some others.our sports teams in cleveland are the cavs, the browns, and the indians.overall cleveland is a real fun place 2 live as long as you mind your buisness
cleveland is tha land of tha real thugs we stay tru 2 tha game
by cleveland thugsta June 09, 2008

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