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1. One who claims to be pro-life, protecting the unborn fetus while killing animals, the environment and sending people to Iraq in an unjustified war.
2. Hypocrite
3. Asshole
Republicans are hypocrites.
by Cleo December 05, 2004
Means, a lot of people are making demands on my time right now and your request may or may not get granted depending on if and/or when I get a chance to get to it.
"You want that when? Yeah, you and everybody else. Take a number Jack."
by cleo October 13, 2004
Monty Python's Flying Talker -- a MUD popular with Monty Python fans.
How late did you MPFT last night?
by cleo January 23, 2004
It's the part between a guys balls and his ass hole.
Wow your a fucking choad!
by Cleo April 26, 2004
A popular singing group in Michigan
Did you hear Six Crackers and A Rye Chip at solo and enssemble?
by Cleo February 05, 2004
Gay person that likes to hang at starbucks all days smoking fishes.
Smoking a fish at starbucks!
by Cleo August 27, 2003
to speak
i always want to say your not my friend
by cleo April 18, 2003

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